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At the helm of AImpact, Marlon is more than just its visionary founder. He's on a mission to redefine how artificial intelligence integrates seamlessly into our daily lives, both professionally and personally. Through AImpact, Marlon is not only introducing groundbreaking tools and training modules but is also providing expert guidance to ensure a smooth synergy between individuals and AI.


Before his journey with AImpact began, Marlon wore the distinguished hat of Engineering Director at Lightship Capital. His role was pivotal in assessing the technology and leadership dynamics of emerging startups. With a resume boasting collaborations with giants like Uber, Udacity, and Treehouse, Marlon has carved an enduring legacy in the technological landscape. His entrepreneurial flair has birthed platforms like Rekure, and the HaHa Davis app.


Having spent fruitful years in tech hubs like Atlanta, Texas, and Silicon Valley, Marlon has gathered diverse experiences and insights. Now, he calls Miramar, FL his home. These journeys have not only shaped his professional trajectory but have deeply influenced his personal perspectives.


Beyond the world of artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship, Marlon's passion lies in guiding the next generation. This commitment shines through his creation of the NextSteps DevCon engineering conference in 2020, a platform that offers mentorship and direction to budding developers.

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AI Workshops

Dive into interactive and transformative workshops tailored for various audiences, from non-profits to business professionals. With each session, participants not only learn about AI but experience its potential firsthand, from understanding Generative AI to witnessing a custom-built AI solutions in action.

Coursework support

AI Consultation

Navigate the world of Artificial Intelligence with confidence. I offer expert guidance on how AI can fit within your organization, ensuring you're equipped to harness its capabilities efficiently and ethically.

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AI Development Services

Transform your understanding of AI into tangible solutions. I work alongside you to develop and integrate custom AI tools that drive efficiency, creativity, and impactful decision-making within your organization.


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I've attended several workshops about AI in the past, but Marlon's stands out by miles. The interactive nature, combined with practical insights into AI applications, has been transformative for our non-profit. We now feel empowered to harness AI's potential and drive even greater impact in our community

Alexandra R.

Non-Profit Founder

Attending Marlon's workshop was a game-changer for me. I've always been curious about AI but felt overwhelmed. Not only did Marlon break it down in a way that was digestible, but the hands-on examples, especially the AI Grant Writer demonstration, were both engaging and enlightening. Highly recommend!

Linda T.

Operations Manager

The 'Power of AI: Business Edition' workshop was an eye-opener! Marlon has a knack for simplifying complex AI concepts and making them relatable. The real-life case studies resonated with our team, and we're now more confident about integrating AI into our business processes. Also, the ‘Happy Hour’ segment was a brilliant touch, offering a great networking opportunity!

Raj K.

CEO - Tech Company

I came for the knowledge but left with much more – inspiration, connections, and a clear roadmap for our AI journey. Marlon's workshop was meticulously designed, and his expertise in the field is evident. The networking segment added immense value, and I’m already collaborating with a fellow participant on a new AI-driven venture. Kudos to the whole team!

Michael D.

Entrepreneur & Founder

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